Sandra Colhando
Co-founder : TransforME

She has worked with many Fortune 500 companies before ‘finding’ and then deciding to follow her passion. Getting to the stage of discovering my professional calling was another journey which helps her resonate with professionals who are seeking to discover their True Potential. As a Coach & Facilitator, she works with clients to connect with their inner resourcefulness with the intent of unleashing that untapped potential – to be the BEST they can BE. She helps clients facilitate transitions, deal with personal/ professional challenges and accelerate personal effectiveness towards a more fulfilled life. Her group sessions has a lot of ‘Here and now’ element to bring the focus back to ‘who’ i am. She believes true transformation begins from the ‘inside out’ and do that one has to be ready and accountable to take risks.Another area she am passionate about is around ‘Women Leadership & Empowerment’ initiatives in organisations.