Aditya Arora
CEO at Faad Times

He is one of the young prodigies who has done some fabulous work which people of his age can only dream about. Aditya leads this young and successful startup by the name of Faad Times. He has already written more than a 100 stories of Entrepreneurs, Startups and people who inspire the inside out of the community and tied up with 35+ portals. He has been interviewed by a lot of organizations for his work and spirit. But that’s only one part of this magnificent journey. He also initiated the campaign by the name of  Education Yatra, providing formal and structural elementary education to kids from villages across Delhi. He was awarded Microsoft’s  Top 15 Changemakers in the Country below the age of 20 for his campaign. Apart from that, Aditya has worked with various community organizations and has organized Quora Delhi meetup and Coursera meetup. Just a few months back, Aditya also received the Parliamentary Meritorious Award for his excellence achieving meritocracy.